Limited Visibility Chat is a geo-based chat-board. Users can upload text-messages, images and videos. So far this sounds familiar. But here is the twist: Messages (also images and videos) can be limited in their visibility based on their geo-position. An image posted in Munich with a visibility radius of five kilometers will be invisible to users in Stuttgart.

In addition to this geo-location-based limitation every message can have

  • a “time-to-live” after which it expires
  • a delay (the message will be invisible until the timer clears)
  • a shared-secret-protection


This chat-system was developed based on nodeJS and Express for the web-fronted, MongoDB for storing messages and media-files, elasticsearch for geo-searching, redis for load-balancing the chat and RabbitMQ for scheduling Video-Trancoding-Jobs.


Party-Website for Public and Private Parties is just another Party-Website, but with a little twist. While it is possible to upload public parties just like on every other party-community, gutemilch offers the possiblity to upload private parties. The location of a private party is not disclosed until individual “address-requests” have been confirmed by the uploader of the party.

The backend of this website was developed in Javascript using the express-framework with nodeJS and MongoDB. Searching Parties is done with Elasticsearch and sessions are stored in Redis. Notifications are published using Firebase Cloud Messaging.


Blusen für Frauen mit großer Oberweite

Ein neues Label aus München mit dem Schwerpunkt “grosser Busen”: Kleider und Blusen für Frauen mit grosser Oberweite hat einen neuen Online-Shop:


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Hier gibts noch mehr: Big Cup Fashion – Mode für Frauen mit großem Busen

Hier ein neues Etui-Kleid für Frauen mit großem Busen: